Meet yours truly, Trey Leslie: the Dread Pirate Trey.

The Dread Pirate Trey?

Yup. I love pirates. Always have, always will.

It is from this love that my pseudonym, the Dread Pirate Trey, was born. The name itself is somewhere in between an epiphanic moment of brilliant nomenclature and my subconscious recalling a fictional character from the 1987 epic fantasy movie, The Princess Bride (perhaps you recall the clad-in-black Dread Pirate Roberts). In either case, the name ran parallel with my love for travel and, naturally, a deep-rooted bloodlust for pillaging innocent villages.

I call myself an adultolescent, which is, as the name suggests, one part adult one part adolescent (and one part child), and as such stumble through life, adulthood, traveling, and, of course, good old-fashioned adventures.