Adulting is hard...

But you're not alone.

Welcome to the adventures of the Dread Pirate Trey, where a 23 year old adultolescent dives headfirst into a concrete-pool of responsibilities, expatriate style.

When I was younger, I, like many before me, bought into the foolish notion that once I was old enough to be classified as an adult, I would magically understand how to conduct myself in the “real world.” You can imagine my shock then when I turned 21 and still had no idea what a 401k was, or how the stock market operates besides what I’d seen in that one movie with Charlie Sheen.

Now, as a bustling young man, I have concluded that all adults are simply larger versions of their child-selves: they bumble their way through life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, in most cases fully aware that they, or us all really, have no idea what we’re doing.

Thus the vision behind my writing: I’ve decided it’s time to give up the pretense of understanding the complexities of our modern world, and document my adventures, perspectives, opinions, and such as (what can only be classified as technically) an adult.

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